Tuesday, November 1, 2022

NGC 7000 - a close look

My latest backyard result: NGC 7000 - a close look. This is the Southwest part of the N. America Nebula (NGC 7000)...and I conveniently live in the Southwestern U.S., which would be in this area 🙂 Scope: TOA-130F Mount: EM200 Camera: EM200 LHaRGB data - for a "true color" look
And here it is in Ha (H-alpha filter) only... so a mono view, which I seem to prefer on this one!


Mark Bare said...

Absolutely beautiful photos.... as always. I love the contrasting photos... the color one is great but the mono view really makes stars stand out! Thanks my friend for the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Professional looking as always

Anonymous said...


jeffjAstro said...

Thanks all for the kind words!

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