Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Astronomy Magazine chooses my Rosette Nebula!
Hi all, just a quick note...once again, I missed this when it happened - however, found out my image of the Rosette Nebula made Astronomy Magazine's 'APOD' on 8 Aug 14 - featured on a Friday so ran the entire weekend! I really wish I could track better...but many times it happens when I am at work. This time it was a weekend (so up for 3 days), so my bad :( In any case, I am once again honored by the great folks at Astronomy Magazine (

Here is my original image at my site:

And here is a screengrab of my image and info from their archive:

Saturday, August 16, 2014

NGC 3953 - Barred spiral galaxy in Ursa Major
Hi again, all.  Next in line is a galaxy which I have imaged several times.  For this and the rest so far this year, I switched to the larger scope (the TOA-130F).  This most recent result is easily my best effort for this challenging object.  Here is my description from my "Notes" area at my main site:

One of my favorite galaxies to image - but, a challenge as NGC 3953 is still a relatively small object for this focal length (1000mm). The "original" (uncropped) version shows lots of other more distant galaxies. Seeing was only slightly above average on this night, unfortunately.

Here it is at my site:

And here is a small preview image:

See you next time :)