Saturday, January 25, 2014

M31 featured on and YahooNews!
Well, found out just a little while ago that my M31 result (not yet published in my blog here since I am still way behind :) has been featured on and YahooNews!  At my main site I added the ability to switch between Ha and non-Ha versions of the M31 result.  Here is the link to the Yahoo story:

Here is a smaller version of the image featured:

Thursday, January 16, 2014

B343 - Dark Nebula in Cygnus
Once again, playing catch-up :)  Here is Barnard 343 - Dark nebula in Cygnus.  This is another shot with the TOA using HaRGB filters imaged on 8 Nov 2013.  This is actually one of my favorite objects of late and probably one of the best data sets I have collected.  I had much, much fun processing and experimenting with/learning techniques to complete this image.  Image details/larger at: