Friday, September 27, 2013

Imaging night and quick shot of Moon
Finally a break in the weather on 23 September 2013.  So, setup the equipment and imaged multiple objects (the data from the session I am still processing as there is a lot and multiple targets).  While switching between objects that night around 11PM local time, the moon was rising, so I was changing to the H-alpha (Ha - a wavelength of 656.28nm) filter for the remainder of the night.  This filter allows only Ha band light, and the particular filter I have is extremely narrow at only 3nm.  Ha is generally where hydrogen emissions from nebulae fall, and since it "ignores" any other light, it can be used even on nights with a full moon!  Ok, so for this post, I will show an image of the moon.  What you see here is a stack of three 1/1000s exposures shot through the Ha filter of the QSI 540wsg camera using the TOA-130F scope.

I offer this as I continue processing other data :)

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