Friday, December 26, 2014

B343 widefield published in Astronomical League Magazine (hardcopy)
Hi everyone,
A quick note to mention that my relatively recent image of Barnard 343 was Published in Astronomical League's quarterly Reflector Magazine, Dec 2014 issue, pg 19!

My original image is here:

Here is a screenshot from the magazine:

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Playing catch-up: M82 , LDN 778 , and NGC 7000
Hi everyone!  Ok, this entry is going to be a "catch-up" entry to add in some images that I have not yet put into the blog.  So, I will go back to March of this year and pick up a few since that time.  I know, it is cheating a little, but the end of the year is approaching and I need to catch up a little!  :)  So, here we go, the small sample images with links to the main site images that have the details.  Hope you enjoy if you haven't yet seen :)

M82 (w/super nova!):

LDN 778 (this was published in the Las Cruces Astronomical Society's "High Desert Observer" publication):

NGC 7000 (*at link* is an interactive version, switching from LRGB to LHaRGB):