Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Heart Nebula image - Astronomy Mag Picture of Day

Hi all,
Just a quick note as my Heart Nebula image is currently featured (22 Mar 16) on Astronomy Magazine's site. http://astronomy.com/photos/picture-of-day

Here is a screengrab of the feature in case you missed it:

Original image is here:  http://jeffjastro.com/dso/IC1805_2Nov15.htm

Monday, March 14, 2016

Veil Nebula as Astronomy Magazine Picture of the Day!

Hi all - My Eastern Veil Nebula image was featured as Astronomy Magazine's Picture of the Day on 11 Mar 2016 - which was a Friday (and so it remained for the weekend!).  Here is a screengrab of the photo on that day:

And here is the original image/details:  http://jeffjastro.com/dso/NGC6995_12Jun15.htm  :)