Friday, October 28, 2022

Capturing a star cluster - in ANOTHER GALAXY

Two weeks ago, I took my TOA-130 telescope to the backyard and took a very simple/quick image of galaxy NGC 185 (Caldwell 18). This galaxy is just over 2 million light years away. After some research, I found a Hubble image of same (showing individual stars of that galaxy), PLUS a globular cluster also in that galaxy. The globular cluster is on the left side of the main galaxy - and highlighted with a line (in my image). In this video you will see: I have taken the Hubble image data and superimposed it onto MY humble image of NGC 185 (that I took from my backyard). Certainly no individual stars are seen my my result (they are blurred together)...BUT... I did pick up the globular cluster - in another galaxy!!! My video on YouTube:

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