Thursday, April 11, 2024

Total Solar Eclipse!!!

Yes, I made it (with my family)!!

Clouds cleared just in time! (Killeen, TX) And...
Here are my results from my Canon T3i, 250mm Canon lens @ f/5.6, ISO200, and 1/40s (and re-doing focus continuously throughout --- super difficult as had to WAIT for it to come out of the clouds in most instances). All shot at 250mm, just cropped differently in these .jpgs (for size consideration here).
However... the clouds did magic actually in varying the results. I think my favorite is the "10 carat" diamond ring effect...looking like an explosion. And, you can STILL see the prominences as it comes out of Totality.
Summary: It was incredible... indescribable...but I will try: Unlike anything I have ever seen in my life...and I have seen and captured many, many, MANY eclipses that were *near* total... including full annular...
But nothing, NOTHING comes even close to a Total Eclipse. Nothing.
Yes... THAT incredible! 🙂


Buzz said...

There is no reason this picture should not be featured on every single news site. The best I have ever seen.

jeffjAstro said...

Buzz - That is so, so cool of you to say, brother! Esp knowing your experiences with these!!

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