Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Black Eye Galaxy - AAPOD

Hi all, a quick note to mention that Amateur Astronomy Picture of the Day (AAPOD) selected my Black Eye Galaxy (M64) as their picture on 7 Sep 14! They notified me through email that I was the winner for that day, so I am honored with my second image there :)

Here is the link to the image for the day:  http://www.aapodx2.com/2014/20140907.html

Here is a small version of my image (not yet in this blog, and was imaged with the larger TOA-130F scope):

And here is a link to the image at my site:  http://jeffjastro.com/dso/M64_3Apr14.htm

All for now, and by the way...I am working on the new data I have collected, so hope to start putting up some new results on my main page. As normal, I will follow with entries here :)

Until next time... :)

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