Monday, April 7, 2014

Sadr surrounded by IC 1318
Hi all...updating the blog with a recent result as I continue to process data :)  I did (recently) get out in the backyard, again, too.  I switched to the larger scope for three different targets, one of which is the supernova in M82.  Those images to come later (thanks for your patience!) :)

Meanwhile, here is reduced-size version of "Sadr" (full size and details are here:

Imaged over 2 nights. Cygnus area supergiant Sadr (also known as Gamma Cygni, γ Cygni, or γ Cyg) is the center bright star, together with the diffuse emission nebula IC 1318 that lies in the background (red and dark color). This image is Ha_HaRGB, where Ha:R (80:20) was used for the Red channel, and Ha for Luminance.

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