Sunday, November 17, 2013

Vega...and others
So, this was a test shot just before imaging a few objects on the night of 8 Nov 13...right after I took all of my equipment to the backyard, setup, polar-aligned, focused, etc.  Vega was the second of three targets to align the mount with (to get accurate "go-to" slews when going to the objects I am going to image).

What were you doing 25 years ago?  Well, this is what Vega looked like about 25 years ago as it is roughly 25 light years away.  Very bright, so the test with 10min subs have it really over-exposed :)  However, can see some galaxies in the surrounding of this frame if you look hard enough.  This shot was 2x10min Lum frames and 1x5min each RGB.

I am also including the Lum filter only result to better show surrounding objects.  Note that in this test shot, Vega was not "perfectly" centered, so the optical dim ring around the star is not perfectly centered when looking at the Lum/mono image.  On the positive side, each corner shows perfectly round stars from edge to edge in the 2048x2048 uncropped image with these 10 minute frames :)

I am still working on the data for the other objects, so this is just to give you something new to look at in the meantime :)

Vega (distance: 25 light years)
Vega (Luminance filter only, better showing surrounding dim galaxies)

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